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Week 1_Module_3_Team_formation

Updated: Aug 23

I managed to join a team before this semester started which was great as I felt as though I was ahead, and our team was able to bond before starting the 12-week challenge of creating a game. During the break before the semester, I practiced on my art, I also managed to land myself an internship in the mobile games industry with Gram Games. Finding an internship was one of my biggest goals for the Indie Game Development course and I feel like this has increased my motivation for the course and I hope that this opportunity will increase my experience and employ-ability for the future within art in games.

The initial meeting:

"Meetings are part and parcel of every organization. It’s a way for employees to gather, exchange ideas, share feedback, and learn from each other." (Zone, 2020)

We came together as a team to discuss our initial thoughts and how the team dynamics would work. This first meeting was very important as we also decided what software we would be using such as Figma, Unity and GitHub. We also agreed on making Nural our team leader and that we would rotate scrum masters for each week’s sprint.

Idea’s meeting:

"A team brainstorm may be no better than a private one if everyone in the group thinks the same way. You need to mix it up." (Chandler, 2019)

We had another meeting on the Thursday after the first Webinar to discuss the theme and what sort of game we wanted to make. AI and Machine Learning were going to play a big part in the ideation for this game. Our initial idea was to create a 2d game with a heavy narrative. We agreed to come together on the Sunday to come up with a more solid idea, we each had to come to the Sunday meeting with an idea to share with the team.

Developing the idea:

This meeting was crucial for coming up with a stable idea that the team could work off and answer the brief provided. I brought the idea of having a Large AI who would remind you of your memories lost as your character has lost their memory. We ended up going with the idea of a cyberpunk rogue like game about a person who has forgotten their memories.


I found this week very interesting, and I have loved working in a team so far and I hope to get this same experience from the internship. I believe we have been very ambitious with the size of the game that we are making which worries me as I have felt the same way about the Ludum Dare Game Jam I took part in April. I am also finding this project very daunting so far as I am the only artist on the team where I will be creating concept art, environment art and animations which scares me.


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