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Week 2 Activity: Creativity

Updated: May 14

'Creativity' what do we mean by this and how can it be useful in the game development process? Creativity can be defined as:

"the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas."(creativity, 2021)

Falmouth University has created a hub to nurture creativity in everyway as they quote

"Creativity is an invaluable resource in the future economy. At a time when machines, data, robotics and AI are upending the old industries and changing the way we live, when demographics are shifting and our environment is changing, it's creativity that will provide solutions to today’s complex challenges across every sector." (About Us | Falmouth University, 2021)

When creating a game, the ideation and creative process is vital to the overall game and this is why the eight techniques of fostering creativity are very important when working as a solo dev or as apart of a team.

Weekly activity:

This weeks activity was to take an artefact that already existed and use two of the eight Creativity techniques specified to modify the artefact in some way. The activity this week reminded me of how Bioshock came to be as "Ken Levine, head writer and creative director of BioShock, made explicit the inspiration behind the game: Ayn Rand's 1957 doorstop of a novel, Atlas Shrugged." (Perich, 2021) This shows how new work is always evolving from previous works and how remediation is such an important part of creativity.


I chose to remediate a piece of work by Robert Kondo, he painted a ladybird in water colours as seen in fig.2.


When I decided to choose an image as my artefact, two different techniques first popped into my head were the Opposite Thinking

"In an age where every company under the sun is trying to be creative and gain attention, the common way of thinking up ideas and doing business is not going to help in the long run. What’s imperative is to break the clutter. Basically, doing something that no one in the world has ever seen before." (Thinking the Opposite is an Extraordinary Way to Get Creative, 2021)

and Mash-up

"Mash-ups is a collaborative idea generation method in which participants come up with innovative concepts by combining different elements together. In a first step, participants brainstorm around different areas, such as technologies, human needs, and existing services" (Mash-Up Innovation, 2021) Techniques which I instantly visualised an answer to the challenge in fig.3. However, I thought that I wasn't taking the opposite technique far enough, I decided to take opposites in a very literal sense.


I took the ladybird and dissected the face values, for example the artefact was 2d I had to make my variation 3d. In fig.3 You can also see how I used the mash up effect as on my route to creating this grotesque looking creature I decided to merge human parts with the ladybird abdomen. Here is the result in fig.4:



I would just like to start off my reflection with this quote by Paul Arden, “having too many ideas is not always a good thing.” (Arden, 2006) I think this is a true reflection point for me as I believe I could have simplified the idea to still look grotesque, but also look closer to the original art piece by Robert Kondo. I have learnt that their is a line that can easily be crossed with an idea and I believe I was on that line with this project, which isn't necessarily a good thing. I am happy with the result and that this challenge has taught me that there are multiple ways to take on one project, which will help me with my game development process in the future. I found opposite thinking to be a very useful tool for solving a problem, however, the mash-up technique could produce a multiple number of answers to the one brief, which I think could be more useful in character creation in the future.


Figure.1 Ayan Rand.1957.Atlas Shrugged [book cover]

Figure.2 Robert Kondo.2020.Instagram [acrylic artwork]

Figure.3 Luke Morrisby.2021.a sketch of a grotesque looking ladybird

Figure.4 Luke Morrisby.2021. a video of a 3d model turnaround


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