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Updated: Aug 24

This week I looked further into the animation pipeline and how it could be improved, made faster for creating animations and look smoother than the ones I had already made fig.1. This week was also presentation week so I needed to spend time preparing and be ready for any feedback that was going to be thrown at me. The team also needed more assets before the big day to fill up the slides. Lets break down what my week looked like.

fig. 2 (How to Convert After Effects Animations into a Spritesheet for Unity (Free and Quick), 2016)

fig. 1

I started off by looking up quicker ways to create animations here is a video I found here in fig. 2 of the way of using After Effects within the pipeline. This method involved me chopping up the pix-elated character inside of Photoshop and then porting the character across to After Effects to be rigged and animated. You can see my first trial of this in fig. 2 which I was very happy with, it was seamless and easy, however, disaster struck once I created the run animation which I created in week 7. This felt like a step backward for me, but I needed to keep moving forward. I ended up just showing what I had created so far for the After Effects pipeline, even though I was not happy with the result at all, I had no more time before the presentation.

fig. 3

The presentation went very well in my point of view the direct feedback to me was:

- We did not show much in terms of world building and the representations of the world of Yerebat.

- The artwork was not presented with confidence.


In the coming weeks I have to concentrate on the After Effects pipeline and run some animation tests. I also needed to create environment art for the presentation and put together a storyboard for the Game-play demo video. I also need to keep working on my confidence as imposter syndrome can strike in an instant and effects my presentation skills.


fig. 1- 2016. How to Convert After Effects Animations into a Spritesheet for Unity (Free and Quick). [video] Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTBOahrXTBE> [Accessed 24 August 2021].

fig. 2- Luke Morrisby. 2021. Hand drawn animation.

fig. 3- Luke Morrisby. 2021. After Effects animation.

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