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Updated: Aug 24

My next job was to transfer the 2d pix-elated characters that I had concepted previously across to low poly using Blender and animate the characters in Miximo. The two characters that would been to be made are the enemies and the main character Asimov.


Fig. 1 shows the 3d character that was created during week 8, I managed to sculpt and rig the character within the week. The characters will be rendered within the unity engine to keep the art style cohesive within the game.

Fig. 1

fig. 2


I spent week 9 creating enemy robots and rigging them as seen in fig. 2, The rigging process was not as clean as the Asimov model and I ran into quite a few problems with the bones not connecting to the mesh in the intended way.

Fig. 3


I found the first modules focus on 3d models has helped me immensely as I have found myself able to produce and rig characters at record speeds for this project. I have found some trouble, however, still with the rigging process and I think this is something that I will have to dedicate time to in the future. I also need to control my impostor syndrome when I think that I am unable to do something or create something like this.


fig.1- Luke Morrisby. 2021. 3d character of Asimov.

fig.2- Luke Morrisby. 2021. 3d character animated and dancing.

fig.2- Luke Morrisby. 2021. 3d enemy characters ready to be animated.

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